Air Force commander flies FA-50PH jet at Mach 1.2

Philippine Air Force Commanding General Lieutenant General Jeffrey F. Delgado was privileged to fly the brand-new FA-50PH lead-in fighter trainer jet at Sancheon Air Base in South Korea November 6. The Air Force said Lieutenant General Delgado flew at Mach 1.2 or around 1,482 kilometers per hour which made him earn a “Mach Buster Plaque” for breaking the sound barrier of Mach 1.0.

“His ride gave the CG,PAF a first-hand experience on the state-of-the-art, supersonic, fly-by-wire FA-50PH lead-in fighter aircraft, the Air Defense Wing fighter pilots will be flying in the future,” Air Force said. “The FA-50PH acquisition is part of the PAF’s modernization program.”

First two of 12 ordered FA-50PH jets from Korea Aerospace Industries are expected to be delivered before the year ends.

The Department of National Defense said the initial FA-50PH units will make a debut on the 80th Anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Philippines this December.

These aircraft will be fitted with PhP4.47 billion worth of ammunition.