Liberal Party stands against death penalty

The Liberal Party is standing ‘pat’ against the reinstatement of death penalty, the party said in a statement today as House of Representatives gears for the third and final reading for the return of death penalty on illegal drug related cases. “The Liberal Party stands pat on its opposition to the death penalty bill despite threats of marginalization wielded by the House leadership,” the party said.

“The vote of the House of Representatives on third and final reading today, March 7, on House Bill 4727 or the bill seeking death penalty for drug-related crimes, will be a mere formality,” Liberal Party said. “Pressure, intimidation, or enticement will not sway the LP members from casting a vote based on their conscience and conviction.”

The Liberal Party, however, said it is still worth watching since the nominal voting or the roll call vote will now reveal the names and faces of the lawmakers who will vote for and against the bill.

“The LP at the HOR has been a cooperative bloc, but in the interest of democracy, we should also play the role of reasonable fiscalizers when the situation and our principles demand it,” it said.

“The Liberal Party reiterates that it is opposed to the death penalty because it is ineffective, it further victimizes the poor, it violates international law, and our criminal justice system is flawed. The solution to crime is ensuring certainty of punishment by a systematic, inter-branch push to reform our justice system,” Liberal Party added.