PNP creates new anti-illegal drugs unit, Drug Enforcement Group (DEG)

“The war on drugs is on, and this time it is going to be more extensive, aggressive and well-coordinated, with built-in systems that guarantee full accountability and instill internal discipline among all personnel” said Philippine National Police chief Police Director General Ronald “Bato” M. Dela Rosa as the PNP activates PNP Drug Enforcement Group (PNP-DEG).

18 Regional Drug Enforcement Units (RDEU) and five (5) District Drug Enforcement Units (DDEU) in the National Capital Region police districts will be created, while Drug Enforcement Teams (DET) will be organized in the provincial, city and municipal police offices and stations.

PNP Drug Enforcement Group is replacing the defunct PNP Anti-illegal drugs group (PNP-AIDG).

PNP said with the concurrence of the PNP Command Group and Quad-Staff, and after careful evaluation of the prevailing drug situation in the different regions since the suspension of all police anti-drug operations, the Chief PNP have approved the recommendation of the Director for Operations, Police Director Camilo Pancratius Cascolan, to reorganize the defunct PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (AIDG) into the PNP Drug Enforcement Group (DEG), a national operational support unit with the mission and function to be the lead unit in police anti-drug operations.

The PNP DEG will be headed by Acting Director, PSSupt Graciano Mijares while all other positions in the PNP DEG are vacant and on the process of a rigid screening and complete background investigation to select only the best and most qualified to man the new unit only with personnel of unsullied service reputation, unblemished record, and a character beyond suspicion as a minimum requirement.