Armed Force Western Command now in full alert

Armed Forces of the Philippine Western Command (WESCOM) is now on heightened alert. The military command also activated Joint Task Unit Coron to make sure its area of responsibility is free from any terrorist activities.

Joint Task Unit Coron is composed of the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Philippine National Police and Philippine Coast Guard personnel to oversee security operations in the area purposely to prevent kidnapping activities.

WESCOM said it is now on heightened alert to ensure that peace and security, and the Palawe├▒os are protected from terrorist acts. “WESCOM is now intensifying target hardening on probable targets for kidnap for ransom.”

“Maritime Patrols on sea lanes of communication and mobility corridors have been intensified to deter KFRG from conducting kidnapping activities especially in known tourist destinations. Random checkpoints,mobile patrols and AFP visibility in places of convergence have been initiated for public safety,” WESCOM said.

It is also coordinating with the resort owners, national police and Philippine Coast Guard “for collaborative and synergestic actions to deter KFRG incidents in the province.”

“We call on the people of Palawan to remain vigilant, calm and are encourage to report any suspicious looking individuals to the nearest AFP and PNP stations for appropriate action. The key to a secure and safe Palawan is the collaborative and synergistic actions of all stakeholders,” WESCOM said.