China warns Duterte of war if Philippines drills oil in West PH Sea

President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said that China warned him of war in case the Philippines forces to drill oil in contested areas in West Philippine Sea.

“Huwag ho kayong maniwala na, for example, [former Foreign Affairs Secretary) Del Rosario and itong si (Supreme Court) Justice Carpio na mahina ang dating ko, na hindi ko ginawa iyong arbitral award as a leverage. Alam mo in the presence of (National Security Adviser) General Esperon and (Defense Secretary) General Lorenza, harap-harapan, minukha ko talaga sila (Chinese officials),” President Duterte said during the 33rd national convention of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) at the SMX Convention Center in Lanang, Davao City.

“Hindi ako iyong palaboy-laboy na this is my arbitral, what can we do about this?” he said.

“Sinabi ko talaga harap-harapan: That is ours and we intend to drill oil there. Wala ng palaboy-laboy,” President Duterte said.

“If it’s yours, well that is your view. My view is that I can drill the oil if there is some inside the bowels of the earth because it is ours,” he said.

“Ang sagot sa akin: Well we are friends. We do not want to quarrel with you. We want to maintain the present warm relationship, but if you force the issue we will go to war,” the President said.

President Duterte said the Chinese side is willing to talk about oil.

“We will talk about it, oil, there is oil. We can discuss it but not now. But we are willing to help you. Hindi naman kami madamot e,” President Duterte quoting the Chinese side.

“E sabi ko ‘yun naman pala e, sabi ko, siguro for 1 barrel half… is hours,” he said.

The President said he reiterated Philippine rights over West Philippine Sea.

“Tanunging mo ‘yung National Security Adviser. Hindi ako nagpalaboy laboy, deretso na ako. Akala siguro nila natatakot ako. Sila (China) ang gusto makipag kaibigan,” Duterte said.