LOOK: Air Force conducts aero medevac mission to Pag-asa Island

220AW photo

A Philippine Air Force (PAF) 220th Airlift Wing (220AW) Nomad aircraft has conducted a medical evacuation mission to Pag-asa Island in West Philippine Sea on May 18. Nomad aircrew were accompanied by S-7 team from Camp General Artemio Ricarte Station Hospital.

According to release made by 220th Airlift Wing posted in PAF, the patient, Danilo Belonyo, 41, was suffering from right upper quadrant body pain and was also diagnosed with acute colisitisis.

He is now undergoing medical treatment at Camp General Artemio Ricarte Station Hospital in Puerto Princesa City.

220AW photo

“Lack of treatment facilities and medical personnel has prompted the aircrew to make its move and provide an immediate aero medical evacuation,” 220AW said.

“Aware of an ill patient on board, the pilots maintained a sterile environment in the aircraft and avoided dealing with turbulence as much as possible. A minute of delay may mean something worse to happen most particularly to serious illnesses and injuries similar to this,” the Air Force wing said.

PAF has 3 Australian Government Aircraft Factories (GAF)-made Nomad aircraft operating under 220AW.

Pag-asa Island is the seat of government of Kalayaan municipality which administers Kalayaan Island Group in West Philippine Sea.