China gives Philippines 3000 rifles, millions of ammunition

The People’s Republic of China, through Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua, on Wednesday turned over military aid package to President Rodrigo Duterte in relation with the emerging threat of terrorism and piracy in Marawi City.

Jinhua turned over 3,000 rifles with 5 million ammunition and 90 units sniper rifles with 800,000 ammunition.

The military aid package was delivered at the Harrison Landing Zone, Clark Freeport, on board a two-cargo Ilyushin IL76 Chinese Military plane.

President Duterte, in his speech, said the firearms donation is one of the defense cooperation matters discussed by the People’s Republic of China President Xi Jin Ping in his visit to China last October 2016, as part of the military package to the Philippines, in relation with the emerging threat of terrorism and piracy in Mindanao.

The Chief Executive relayed his sincerest thanks to Xi Jin Ping through Jianhua for the assistance extended to the country that could help in the national government’s campaign against the ISIS-inspired terrorism in Marawi.

“This will not only strengthen our commitment to support each other in the times of need but this will highlight the dawn of a new era in Philippine-Chinese relations ,” the President said.

As the troops in Marawi wrap up the operations against the remaining terrorists in the area, the President said he welcomed the assistance of the China government to the victims and in rebuilding the city with the non-interference in the state of affairs of the national government.

“I am confident that we will end this dark episode and move on in rebuilding the city back to its normal life,” he said.