Duterte: Amerika hindi macontrol ‘yung drugs, tayo pa kaya

“Sabi ko, ang America na America, naging America na ‘yan. Hindi nga niya makontrol ‘yung
drugs, tayo pa kaya,” President Rodrigo Duterte said during the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) Centennial Celebration Gala Night at Convention Center, SM Lanang Premier, Davao City on August 11.

The President said government forces currently do not have equipment to guard all the coastlines if the country.

“We do not have the equipment. Kulang man. And you know the coastline. How? it’s 37,000 ‘yung – It is not a contiguous place na at least one border lang,” he said.

“Ito island, that’s 7,000 islands comprising the Philippine, the Republic of the Philippines. Hindi makaya ng iba, tayo pa kaya?” he said.

“Yung drugs na ‘yan, we can control it. That’s why when I was mayor, sinabi ko talaga: Do not
destroy my city,” he said.