Gordon: Faeldon should resign

The chairman of Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations, better known as Blue Ribbon Committee, Senator Richard J. Gordon told CNN Philippines’ The Source that Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon should resign.

Gordon also said that President Rodrigo Duterte should let go of Faeldon.

“I have a rule: kung ‘yung taong nilagay mo, Mr. President, kung ‘yung taong linagay mo nalulunod, at sinasagip mo, at nagpupumipiglas, pati ikaw nalulunod, ilunod mo na yun, kaysa sa sumasama ka pa,” said Gordon.

The Blue Ribbon Committee is investigating the incident in which PHP6.4 billion worth of metamphetamine hydrocholoride passed through the Bureau of Customs in May.

The senator said the system created in Customs allowed the incident to happen and allowed certain people to get a lot of money.

“When you create a new system that is not approved by the Secretary of Finance; and then put in your people, the majority of which are military and you disobey the doctrine, the modernization law of the Customs na dapat the majority must be organic – you’re just creating a red flag na ang perception, kinukuha niyo lahat,” Gordon said.

“So even kung hindi ginawa ng ibang kasama nila, nasasama,” he added.

“He created the system, the system failed. In battle conditions, you’re out. Replace a new guy,” Gordon said citing command responsibility.