US transfers Maritime Law Enforcement center in Palawan to PH government

The United States government transferred the custody of a newly established Joint Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center (JMLETC) to the Philippine government during a ceremony in Magarwak, Barangay Santa Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City on August 4.

The center is valued at around PHP 65.4 million.

US Embassy in Manila Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Michael Klechesk led the transfer of custody. The event was attended by Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald M. de la Rosa.

The center was funded through US Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

The JMLETC is part of the larger National Coast Watch System and is designed to bolster the Philippines’ maritime domain awareness capabilities and to stop large-scale weapons from transiting through or near Philippine territorial waters.

The center will also be used to conduct maritime law enforcement training for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Navy (PN), and PNP to enhance vessel boarding, use of force, evidence preservation, and case package preparation techniques, the US Embassy said.

“The US Coast Guard will send a team of maritime law enforcement experts who will conduct a one-week Maritime Law Enforcement workshop with PCG, PN, and PNP,” the US Embassy added.