Duterte: Idol ko Russia, China kasi marunong silang rumespeto

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he has high esteem on Russians and Chinese because they respect other countries.

This was stated by Duterte after he expressed his dismay on United States and European Union for their alleged interference in Philippine domestic affairs including the country’s war against illegal drugs.

“‘Pag may mga bagong barko diyan na maganda na Chinese character, kaibigan natin ‘yan, China ‘yan. Kung ‘yung parang drawing drawing na hindi mo maintindihan – Russian ‘yan,” he said.

“Bakit idol ko sila? Kasi marunong silang magrespeto,” the President said.

Duterte also expressed appreciation to China and Russia for their support to Philippine forces. “China gives us the much needed plus two shipments and we have now arms that can arm the ones that are training now,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russia’s arms aid is expected to be turned over on October 25.