Duterte: ‘Pag namatay ako, America, CIA ‘yan

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday during the relaunching of the Malacañang Press Briefing Room burst out his anger against the European Union and United States for allegedly interfering in Philippines’ internal affairs especially in the war against illegal drugs.

He said as the head of the executive branch of government which is the sole regulator of country’s foreign policy he could cut diplomatic channels with other countries and order ambassadors to leave within 24 hours.

He also said that ASEAN countries, Russia, and China will never allow Philippines to be expelled from United Nations.

“My language is horrible. No, that is part of our grammar here. Why? Because we are angry at you for colonizing and stealing our resources for so many hundreds of years. G*** pala kayo eh,” he said adding that the British and Americans colonized a number of ASEAN countries.

“CIA stop f*****. One day, I will just drive you away. It’s either they – your cahoots here will have to kill me or you have to get out of my country. Choose. Basta ako sabihin ko sa Pilipino, ‘pag namatay ako, America na ‘yan. CIA na ‘yan,” he added.