NPA attacks power line in Mountain Province

The military’s 5th Infantry Division (5ID) covering the Cordillera region condemned on Thursday the continuing atrocities perpetrated by the New People’s Army (NPA) in the region.

The most recent is the attack on a power transmission line supplying two provinces.

Captain Jefferson Somera, 5ID Information Officer relayed Major General Paul Atal, 5ID commander’s statement saying the NPAs attacked the HEDCOR tapping point at Barangay Otucan Norte, Bauko, Mountain Province last October 10.

This resulted in power outages in the province and nine municipalities of Benguet province.

Somera said the attack affected the economic activity in the affected areas.

“Just like in all atrocities they committed, the NPAs justified their criminal acts by concocting stories, blaming their victims of violating environmental laws and policies, when in fact their real purpose is to pressure the victims to pay their extortion demands,” he said.