Army, Marines getting 345 new Korean military trucks

The Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps will be getting new troop carriers after the Department of National Defense (DND) entered into government-to-government contract for the supply of Kia military trucks.

The DND released to Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) Notice to Proceed in October for the supply of 227 units of KM250 2 1/2 ton truck modified as troop carrier and 10 KM250 2 1/2 ton trucks modified as wrecker for a total contract price of PHP1.419821 billion.

Above mentioned military trucks will be delivered to Philippine Army and Philippine Marine Corps, with great portion going to army.

Another Notice to Proceed was released to KOTRA for the supply of 108 KM450 1 1/4 ton trucks modified as troop carrier for Philippine Marine Corps for a total contract price of PHP313.956 million.

This government-to-government deal, signed in October, is between DND, KOTRA – trade and investment promotion organization operated by the government of South Korea, and Kia Motors Corporation as supplier.